explore (explore) wrote in jeisa_icontest,

Challenge #25 - Winners!

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thanks :)
Congrats to everyone, they were all so lovely :)

Btw, I found these really nice pictures of Jeisa here: http://community.livejournal.com/foto_decadent/1336504.html?view=23104952&style=mine#t23104952
I think you are already a member of the community but just in case anyone else was interested in them, there they are :)
Oooooooooo thanks for the link :)
thank you for mod's choice! (:

sorry, have the banners for these been posted yet? because I can't find them :( I could have sworn I saw them before though...
Whoops! No, I need to make banners for these :D Whoooopsies'. Thanks for the reminder! haha

hee hee :):) thanks :)
those icons are great!